Star Trek The Motion Picture

After Star Wars this film was the biggest movie event of the 1970s for me. What a mind blowing trip it was with stunning special effects and a majestic soundtrack. Pity about the plodding story, but back then it didn't bother me.
Star Trek The Motion Picture December 20 1979
On the back of the clipping: an eclectic collection of films on offer in December 1979

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  1. Yes, this was as well for me. "Star Wars" & then this, very highly anticipated. I had really no idea what to expect either. It definitely blew me away to see Trek "upgraded" and still my favorite ST film after all this time. Certainly was a epic-like quality to this one, that the other films don't have. The Alan Dean Foster novel was interesting as well, provided a bit more back-story that was not in the film.