Mad Max 2

Wow...what an incredible film this was! At this point in 1981 I hadn't seen the first Mad Max movie, but it didn't matter, this movie stood alone perfectly and for me is the only Mad Max film worth watching.
December 1981
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What a great film this was. Mysterious, atmospheric and beautifully shot. For me it became the benchmark for all following medieval, fantasy and sword & sorcery films (Particular losers in my benchmark comparison were Krull and Legend with Tom Cruise)
June 1981
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Battlestar Galactica: Conquest of the Earth

Oh dear. A movie cobbled together from episodes of the second and much maligned Battlestar Galactica sequel series. By the time it reached Australia in 1980 I'd heard how bad it was and I decided to skip seeing it to save money for the million other sci-fi movies released that year.
May 7 1981
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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon was both completely stupid yet highly enjoyable, with a great Queen soundtrack to boot.
April 1981
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It is extraordinary how many otherwise obscure horror and sci-fi movies got a run in major cinemas in the late 1970s and 80s. It seemed distributors were throwing everything ever filmed into the ring and seeing how it faired. I knew nothing about this Dario Argento film at the time and never saw it. Just loved the spooky poster.
November 20 1980
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Dawn Of The Dead (1980)

I'd read a lot about this movie in Starlog and Starburst magazines and I really wanted to see it. Alas I was five years away from being of legal age and had to wait until it arrived on VHS tape.
April 1980
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Without Warning / Contamination

I remember being jealous of my sister who went to see this double at the local drive-in with her boyfriend. They could've smuggled me in! But then who wants to take their nerdy younger brother to the drive-in..
July 1980
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A z-grade Australian film featuring John Michael-Howson (aka 'Clown' in Adventure Island) which I never saw at the time but I thought the poster was so delightfully trashy I had to add it to my collection.
October 30 1980
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Superman II

Superman II was a great sequel despite the much publicised behind the scenes problems. As far as I'm concerned the Superman films stopped here - Superman three and four have been erased from my memory banks.
December 29 1980
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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Special Edition

Steven Spielberg 'did a George Lucas' and reworked his sci-fi masterpiece long before George decided to re-jig Star Wars to death. Despite magnificent new special effects I thought this special edition was a bit ho-hum. Just seemed so unnecessary.
January 1980