Star Wars At The Drive In

An incredible two years after it started, Star Wars was still showing in Australian cinemas and drive-ins in 1979.
May 10 1979
On the back of the clipping: Dimboola, a rather over hyped Australian film.


Being only ten at the time I obviously wasn't allowed to see Jaws, but that didn't stop me from cutting the movie ad of the newspaper. In my opinion it is one of the most effective movie posters of all time.
November 1975
On the back of the clipping:

Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack

After the success of the movie version of Battlestar Galactica the producers promptly shoved a few more TV episodes together and released them theatrically as Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack. I loved it. It was far better than many of the b-grade Star Wars rip-offs around at the time.


Moonraker was criticised as being one of the more silly Bond films but I thought it was the best Bond ever. It was a little bit racy (hey I was fourteen), it had lots of spaceships and explosions and it had Roger Moore. Yes, Roger Moore.
On the back of the clipping: remember when shops shut at noon on Saturdays?


This was the Empire Strikes Back of the Alien franchise:  an unbelievably good sequel. One of the very few films I went to on its opening day (The others being Star Trek IV and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome)
November 5 1986
On the back of the clipping: Pick up some cheap batteries with your baby clothes and cigarettes


I was never sure what Gremlins was supposed to be: Science fiction? Horror? Comedy? Satire? Dunno. Entertaining? Yes!
December 1984
On the back of the clipping: Brashs audio gear. Wish I'd stocked up on those Sennheisers for $24.95


I didn't see Android at the time. It had a very short run at Melbourne's Roma cinema. Only later on home video did I discover what a good little scifi film it was.
January 5 1984
On the back of the clipping: Showing at the Dromana drive-in was Jaws 3 and Galaxy of Terror...a Z-grade double if ever there was one!


I took my girlfriend to see Poltergeist in 1982. It was entertaining and just scary enough to keep her nice and close (which would otherwise not necessarily have been a given)
August 1982
On the back of the clipping: a three bedroom house in Footscray $24.500. You could buy at least ten of them at today's prices.

Raise The Titanic

A stupid film but the actual 'raising' was spectacular if you were able to sit through most of the movie to get to it.
May 6 1981
On the back of the clipping:

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

One of the best adventure films ever. Action, adventure, comedy, a really cool flying wing and the best actor from Star Wars.
The Sun newspaper July 1982
 On the back of the clipping:

Return Of The Jedi

I hate to admit it, but Return Of The Jedi just didn't have the same magic of the previous two Star Wars films. I still loved it, but something was missing. Perhaps I'd just outgrown it. Or perhaps it was the Ewoks. Yes, it was the Ewoks.
October 28 1983

The back of the clipping:

The Quiet Earth (1986)

The Quiet Earth started with the usual 'last man on earth' scenario that had already been done to death in the 1970s, but it ended up as something much stranger. The final scene is something I have never forgotten. I paid homage to it in one of my band's videos
July 1986
On the back of the clipping: