Masters of the Universe

This was the last newspaper movie ad I collected. After ten years of movie ad collecting I think my heart had gone out of it by 1987. Either that or I traumatised myself by cutting out an ad for a Dolph Lundgren movie. But I never lost my love of science fiction (I kept my clippings after all), I just became less obsessed with collecting stuff. At least until my twenties had played out.
The Herald Sept 1987

The End.

James Bond Festival

The ad says 'important: cut out and save.' I did.. for 32 years.
cut from the Sun Newspaper March 1980

Howard (aka Howard The Duck)

George Lucas' awful disaster of a film (apart from Star Wars I to III). It bombed in the US, so they removed 'The Duck' from the title and the actual image of the duck from the poster in the hope that might help. It didn't.
cut from the Sun Newspaper Dec 1986