The Black Hole

The Black Hole, shown in glorious 70mm, was one of the most spectacular films I'd ever seen and the special effects were refreshingly dark and moody. Pity about everything else in the film.
This clipping is from The Sun, May 28 1980
On the back of the clipping: they don't make jobs like these any more...

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  1. LOL, yes pity ...the end was pretty downer. My younger brother & I left the theater with a big WTF look on our faces I'm sure. *_* Caught this one a few days after Christmas in NYC. I also remember my bro & a friend, all sent away for the Mego figures from a Post Shreddies Cereal special-mail-offer cut-out for about $3.00 each. In the mail, came 2 Vincents & 1 Maximilian a few days after seeing the film. ^_^ We waited about a month 4 those figures.