One of the truly great films of the 1980s. I await with apprehension the remake due in 2013.
From either the Sun or Herald newspaper, Melbourne Australia,  September 19 1987


I wish I'd seen this film, which was written by John Sayles who wrote arthouse favourites Matewan,  Secret of Roan Inish and uh, Piranha (1978)
From either the Sun or Herald newspaper, Melbourne Australia, January 22 1981

Demon Seed

I never saw this film at the time but I had read the book, which at age 12 or 13, I found rather disturbing.
The Herald or Sun newspaper, 1977 (?)

Superman (Christopher Reeve)

This will always will be the best Superman movie for me. I saw it by myself aged 14 at Melbourne's stunning art deco Capitol cinema, and most likely followed it with a walk up the road to Space Age Books to salivate over the latest scifi stuff.
From the Sun newspaper, May 17 1979


This was the Deep Impact of the 1970's, and not a bad one too although the special effects were a little shaky.
From the Herald or Sun newspaper December 21 1979


Two Jaws rip-offs on the one bill! Actually Seakiller (AKA Beyond The Reef) was not a monster shark movie at all, it was just marketed that way because movie distributors know we're all stupid.
From either the Herald or The Sun newspaper, Melbourne Australia, December 21 1979